This to wonderful not to share it

A friend just called. She was over the other day and bought one of the toiletrie bags for her grandfather for his birthday and took a brochure. She gave it to him on Sunday.

When he opened the present and read about Sak saum he teared up and told her that he was in Cambodia 20 some odd years ago. He went to the red light district and prayer walked it. PRAYING FOR freedom for these people. He loved everything about this gift because the Lord spoke to his heart and said, see, I was working it out. He is so excited about sak saum at 82 years old. The Lord is so good how he meets his children and doesn't forget. Thought you would love to hear this...❤

Sak Saum FOR FREEDOM!!! He prayed God heard! God Spoke I heard!! Prayer does not return void!!!